I've always wanted to get a Tamaskan.

The pet niche is one of the most interesting niches out there to me. Humans are much quicker to purchase things for their pets then for themselves.

Dog ownership is on the rise. People are having less kids and instead take care of pets.

Keyword Research

It's a pretty rare dog so I was curious how many searches Tamaskan related keywords got.

46k global searches per month with around 37% of the searches resulting in clicks.

Supporting keywords are pretty good too.

Another important thing to look at when picking a niche. Dog ownership keywords trending up. Consistent with my hypothesis of more people owning dogs.

Buying the Domain

Namecheap is my domain registrar of choice. After a few attempts, I went with tamaskanguide.com.

Cost me $16 for both of these.

Total Spent = $16

For the hell of it I also bought tamaskans.dog. I didn't even know there was that domain ending.

Pointing It Toward Bluehost

I use Bluehost to host. Point the Namecheap nameservers to bluehost. Here's the guide I used.


Total Spent= $20.

Connect Wordpress

Basic Wordpress Theme

The guys over at AuthorityHacker.com love Elementor. This is my first time using it.

I watched this video.

Content Planning

I use Trello for project management for nearly everything. One of my other businesses ContentCobra has several talented affiliate SEO content writers. I assigned some of them on this one.

When a writer is in progress, they add their name to the card and slide it over to the in progress column.

Content Ordering

I'm paying $.04/w for around 10,000 or so words. This is a good rate for those on a budget while still providing decent quality.

$.04 * 10000 = $400

Total Cost: $420

Links are a key part of Googles ranking factors.

See What Happens

We'll check back every month and see what happens.