ScubaOtter is an educational affiliate marketing website in the scuba diving, snorkeling, and travel niche.

Starting from December 2019, I’ll be tracking the website views, earnings, and more all on this page.

Check back every month to see how the sites doing!

January 2020


Pumped out higher quality content and working toward getting social media accounts (Instagram and Pinterest) rolling.

Number of Backlinks Built: 5

New Articles Published: 5

Earnings: $141.98

Amazon Affiliate

Booked our first Liveaboard for a nice 125 Euro commission!


Had some issues with Google Analytics tracking this month. We'll have to use Ahrefs Data.

December 2019


In December, I focused on automating the content creation process and hiring additional writers that scuba dive.

Number of Backlinks Built: 2

New Articles Published: 6

Earnings: $5.49

ScubaOtter made $5.49 in December 2019. Can easily increase this over the next few months to be a few hundred.


No general trend, consistent with previous months.